Don’t want to do the joy eat

I can’t think of anything I want for a joy eat. I used to fill my day with joy eats. Planning one feels really different–not as fun or exciting as eating joy food in the moment. I don’t feel like I want anything or crave anything. Weird, right?

Should I just pick something and do it? I am also concerned that after mostly cutting out sugar/flour, eating a joy food with sugar or flour in it might make me crave it again.

Any advice?

C=joy food is available as part of this program
T=Nothing sounds good.
F=curiosity tinged with sadness that nothing sounds good
A=wait until something sounds good? Pick something and just try it?
R=Fully experience the program, balance, trust

C-joy food is available on this program
T-I’m just going to try this joy food thing, even if nothing is sounding that great.
F-more curiosity/some fear (I often feel like I am experiencing two emotions–is this normal? It feels partly pos and partly neg)
A-Plan a joy food, eat a joy food
R-Survive it –maybe enjoy it? Consider how to approach it next time

C-joy food is available on this program
T-Eating joy food might throw me off and mess up my progress.
A-I don’t develop the ability to trust myself–I live with too much fear in my life
R–continued fear

C-joy food is available on this program
T=this is an opportunity to plan something extra special in my week
A-take time to plan a very special joy eat and really enjoy it and move on
R-trust myself more