Eating what I have not planned but still on protocol

I have overeating issues since 14 years old. I experience overeating periods and restriction periods. So my weight is up or down +/-40lbs during all these years.

I have tried everything but managing my mind and my feelings. So decided to tackle the biggest problem in my life with your techniques full of hope and desire to be free.

I know it will be hard work but I am willing to put the effort as I want to be free from food and free to do more and I know I can be so much more than just overweight.

So I binge watched all the stop overeating workshop. I have set my protocol and I have no problem with the math part as I have done it soooo many time.

What I am find hard is to experience my urges and my hunger. I started yesterday and I have the urge to eat at least 8 times a day. The first 3 episodes I was in total panic and the next 3 I sat down and tried to experience the urge. I even did a “welcome emotion” meditation. However I felt I had to put my mind to something else (listening to your podcast) for the urge to pass. So first question is how do I handle the urge episode what practically can I do?

What I did so far is: filled the 100 allowed urge sheet. I also filled the urge worksheet and I did my meditation to calm my mind.

But I felt like I was losing it and in total panic, it scared me. I will appreciate if you can walk me through the steps when I have my urge to eat.

My second question is about eating on protocol but not what I have planned 24h before (even if I had all what I need in the fridge).

So what happens is I write down what I am going to eat tomorrow for lunch and for dinner (2 meals for me only).

When comes to time to prepare for example dinner I look at what I have planned and I don’t feel like it so I do prepare something else (on protocol). How do I handle the time where I don’t feel like it? What can I do to stick to my plan? I have mixed feeling, one one hand it is ok as I am on protocol but at the same time I am not following what my planning brain did put on the menu.

I also have the impression that I am going to be sooo hungry that I also put more things on the menu even if at the end the quantity is the same as in protocol. Let say I have planned 6oz of salad, tomato, I will reduce the salad quantity and add cucumber. It sounds silly but it does bother me as I feel I want to enjoy my food and I feel I am eating too much (of the good stuff). So I need a startegy and tools to stay on the plan on the menu of the day and not change any part of it.

Thank you so much for your support.