exercise and intermittent fasting. snacks

Hello, I’m thrilled to be doing this program with you and to be in Scholars, day two. I exercise regularly: resistance training 3x a week, cardio 2x a week (a 30 minute jog or bike ride), may do yoga one day or take a hike, do have a day or two of rest a week as well. Most of my exercise begins at 6am. For the last week, because of your weight loss book, I eat breakfast when I get hungry (-2), anywhere from 8-10am, and my body is quickly letting me know how much she appreciates me listening. On fasting until noon, I know I’ll learn a lot by allowing the hunger and thoughts and feelings, I also wonder how it will impact the warm relationship I’m developing and enjoying with my body, and too if I’ll get anxiety or faint from low blood sugar. While I realize I won’t know until I try it, I would like to hear your point of view on both. And too, is the recommendation no snack between lunch and dinner?