It has been advised by my Naturopath do do a 3-5 day fast (water, broth, tea only). I have done fasts before and “pushed” myself through it – went to bed hungry but got through it and felt great in the end. This time I have been avoiding the start of the fast as I can’t seem to get past the urges to munch on something throughout the day. Day 1 seems to be the hardest. I would love some help with how to apply what we are learning to be successful at this kind of liquid fast. A few things in particular come up 1) I feel constant urges all day long to eat something, and I eventually give up on day 1 because the urges become so strong and 2) I am afraid psychologically that I won’t have enough energy if I don’t eat (although I know this kind of fast is perfectly safe and perscribed by my doctor) and 3) i don’t know any other way to get through this 3-5 day fast without PUSHING through it… feeling restriction, feeling frustrated, feeling urges. Is there another way? Thank you!