Fear of Plateaus!

I have been really focusing on my weight loss since the start of quarantine. I have made gradual changes and seen great progress.
I was 174.2 on 3/24 and am now 157.8

About 2 weeks before the start of this program, I really doubled down on 2 meals a day and really cutting out all things that were not meat/veggies/fat. I all of a sudden saw great loss.

However now I have a fear that I will hit a plateau in the middle of this program.

C: Lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks
T: This is too good to be true, I will hit a plateau ASAP
F: Fear/Frustration
A: Extra bites licks/tastes because
R : Losing weight slower

What new thoughts can I think? I don’t think I trust future me to handle this well.