Food and Life: Boredom and Excitement

I’ve cut out sugar and flour and a lot of eating out this week. Realization: I relied on food and food related activities for fun, excitement, pleasure, etc. Now, that’s gone and I’m trying to learn to enjoy my life even it’s current state. Also, really interested in learning more about well being and true pleasure instead of false pleasure. Also wondering if the solution is to try to make life more exciting or to learn to see what’s already there as exciting/fun/pleasurable?
C-my life
T-My day to day life isn’t that exciting.
A-live without zest and joy, go through the motions, follow the rules
R-become more boring

C-my life
T-I’m going to start noticing new things about my life
F-optimistic, adventurous
A-slow down mentally and pay more attention to my life, notice
R-more awareness and understanding about what my life/what I want