Future Self/Past Self Fight Over Weighing Vegetables

I have been off sugar and flour for several months and have been primarily eating meat and vegetables. My protocol is 2 meals a day of “Meat / Vegetables / Fat”. However, I have not been weighing and measuring my food.

My thoughts have been:
“It doesn’t matter, its vegetables”
“Veggies don’t count”

But, I have think I have been eating an excesses amount of veggies because I am scared of being hungry. I also, almost think its entertainment.

But every time, I got make a protocol about the # of veggies, I am just “idk how many” and “what about potatoes”. Which I realize is a problem.

I am not overly concerned with the amount of calories/food that I am eating (I am losing weight steadily). But, I don’t think this thought pattern is helpful.