Goal setting and pace of weight loss

Hi Brooke, thank you for doing this course! Perfect timing for me, since my goal is to lose about 8 pounds. I lost the bulk of my weight (35lb) in 2018 in Katrina’s course. My pace of weight loss was 1lb per week. I plateaued at about 135, and since then have gained to 140. This was due mainly to weight gain during holidays, etc, otherwise, protocol has been the same.

My current goal is to get to 130. Yes, I would love to lose 8 pounds in a month but I’m wondering if that is a realistic goal for me, given that my pace of loss even when I was heavier was 1lb/month. Several weeks ago I have ramped up my fasting under the guidance of Fung’s online fasting program. Still the weight loss is slow (but they did tell me that when increasing, it may take 4-6 weeks to start losing). For mealtime I am still sticking with the same protocol that is consistent with yours and their recommendations

What do you think? And thanks!