How do I clean up my thoughts around this month-long plateau?

Thanks to Scholars, in 6 months I’ve lost 40 of my 50 lb impossible goal! I’ve been at my current weight for a month now with no change. I’ve tweaked my protocol in the last 3 weeks by narrowing my eating window from 1-8pm to 3-8pm. I saw no change, but I’m continuing to eat within that window. In the last week I’ve cut out all dairy (I miss that full fat cream in my coffee and feel hungry all morning until 3pm) but I haven’t seen any change (yet). I don’t have issues with urges or hunger. I’m fine with urges, I greet them at the door, smiling. I notice uncomfortable feelings and ask them to pull up a chair and stay a while. Here’s my struggle: these darn thoughts: 1) It’s unfair that I’m doing all this and seeing no change, 2) Maybe I am not worthy of weighing my goal weight, 3) Maybe I just can’t weigh my goal/wedding weight since I’ve had two kids and am going through menopause now, 4) It’s so fun to lose weight, when it’s done, I will have to tackle the next goal, mastering my finances, which I am NOT looking forward to.