How is it that sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t? How can I practice so this sticks?

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for doing this! In the last couple of weeks of May, I have been able to stick to my protocol again so this is in a way just continuing on with what that is. My thought that seemed to get rid of all the drama around my weight loss was “I know how to lose weight”. Just matter of fact. I DO know. I know because I did this last fall and lost 15 pounds. Then in December and January I gained it all back and have never rebounded like that before. I’ve struggled for months to find the “magic pill” that would make me lose weight, but realized it’s just math.

I still have thoughts about my thoughts though, and I’d love suggestions on some to practice to make this change. I’ve now lost 8 of the pounds that I’d gained back, with a goal of 19 more to my “let’s see if this is good enough” goal. I worry about being TOO thin, and that weight has been my “dream weight” for years (158). I also am loving the practice of self compassion that I’m developing with myself to manage urges. It feels so much more like a partnership to be nice to myself. I wonder if that is what is going to make it stay?

C – Weight this morning is 177.6 (8 pounds lower than a month ago)
T – I know how to lose weight and this is confirmation
F – Calm, in control
A – Follow my protocol, allow urges and comfort myself when I feel bored, stressed, angry, sad. Tell myself that it’s part of the human experience and I will be ok and there is no need to buffer against these feelings. Have my own back.
R – Weight continues to come off, and feels at times effortless

C – Think “I know how to lose weight”
T – You’ll never make this stick
F – Anxious
A – ?? Not sure yet because so far it’s been going well.
R – Gain weight back.