How to "get it" again?

Hi Brooke,
so great you’re doing this program!!!!
My Q: When I first started with scholars, I lost 35 pounds. In those recent months I re-gained 15.
It’s been an awkward process. It felt like a part of me knew exactly what I was doing (buffering, finding excuses, denying of reality) while another part of me “decided” to overeat anyway. I’ve been trying to get back in control for months now (since that backward-process started, really) and if feels like fighting against windmills. I re-start and fail and re-start and fail. Of course I know it’s my primitive/toddler brain against prefrontal and that I somehow have to empower prefrontal again. But how does this “somehow” look like? It sounds so strange, but I forgot how I did it in the first place. Thanks so much for your thoughts on how to do the necessary steps again. Love!