Huge urge 15 min before eating window

I’ve been eating between noon and eight and I’ve done well. I definitely notice my brain getting antsy and thinking about food the last hour or so before noon and the last 15 minutes especially. Is there anything special about this end-of-fast urge, or should it be treated like any other? In some ways it seems healthy – I should be more hungry after 15.75 hours of not eating than other times. Because it also feels like a sensation and not just mental, the thought that’s tripping me up is thinking “I’m stressing my body out with fasting, maybe this isn’t healthy.”

Also, since it is right before scheduled lunch, I do feel like I’m giving in to the urge because it doesn’t really pass, it just stays there until I eat. And then I do eat, because it’s time… I don’t want to Pavlov myself the wrong direction. Am I overthinking this?