Hunger scale

How does the hunger scale fit into the urge jar program? With eating EXACTLY what’s on your plan you basically have to ignore your body signals if it’s not hungry and eat what you planned anyway?? I am breastfeeding and also have a job where some days I’m very active and other days I’m not so knowing how much food I need on a daily basis is difficult to know I under plan a lot and find myself ravenous (and eating extra food) so had been over planning to combat it and then not eating the extra food if I wasn’t hungry. I get that if you didn’t plan enough and you are hungry you’ll survive until the next planned meal but if you aren’t hungry it seems silly to eat when the goal is weight loss.
Also, I get that until you are fat adapted you can’t necessarily trust your bodies hunger signals due to out of whack insulin etc but is there a point at which you recommend listening to your body and following hunger or is this something you figure out over time and work into your plan? Or do you just always eat your 2 meals a day period? (I eat 3 due to nursing).
Ps: I lost 20kg post baby using the urge jar when you first released it last year, so glad you are doing another live round! it’s why I rejoined Scholars this month and I’m already learning on a whole deeper level in Just 2 days back in Scholars. 5kg to go!