Hungry every morning + belly fat

Hi Brooke

Thanks to your teachings I have almost lost all the weight I wanted but there are 2 things I’d like your opinion on

– I fast until noon every day since last October but I’m hungry every morning around 8am for about 30min – I tried to eat more, more fat or more protein and nothing has changed it,
I have the feeling it’s just an habit (I used to looooooove breakfast so much)
What do you think ?

Even if I have almost lost all the weight I have not lost by little belly – I seem to loos fat a lot more easily everywhere else than on my belly – is there any tips to access fat on the belly rather than somewhere else ? (Cause I really don’t want to lose more weight).
Is the fat accessed the same everywhere on our body ? Is this something to do with food rather than exercise ? Is is just genetics ?

Thanks a lot