Joy eat drama

Hi Brooke! I’ve discovered that I’m anticipating my joy eats too much. I plan for them on the weekends, tend to think about them during the week and then the weekend comes, I have my joy eat and then I’m mad because it doesn’t taste as good as I want it to. This then leads to an overeat because I’m having thoughts like ‘that’s not fair’, ‘that was a waste of a joy eat’, ‘it’s supposed to taste good’ and then I raid the pantry for other entertainment food that I think will taste good. It doesn’t and then I perpetuate the same thoughts, feel mad and keep hunting for better tasting food. I’m left with the net negative of having gone off my plan, weekend weight gain, increased urges the next day and a period of time of mindless eating rather than being conscious. I’d love your thoughts on how to dial down the anticipation of joy eats so that I can be present with them and not make them a big deal. Thanks!