Keeping weight a neutral circumstance

I have put a lot of work into getting to where I can see my weight and body shape as a neutral circumstance. I had a major breakthrough earlier this year, and it gave me so much peace and power. Then COVID came along, and with it, the discovery that obesity is a risk factor for more serious illness. I feel like I’ve lost my grip on the neutrality of the circumstance. I’ve still lost weight during this time, but I’ve noticed the shame and desperate graspiness has returned. I know it’s because I am seeing my weight as a “bad” thing again. I want my peace and compassion for myself back.

I loved the exercises you mentioned today of stepping on the scale and standing in front of the mirror and seeing what my brain does. I plan to do some self coaching on what comes up there. Any other advice for getting back to that place where my weight and shape are neutral?