Kids, Pizza and My Brain

1 pound down.
I planned what I would eat today.
I ate on plan with the exception of 2 ounces of nuts.

In writing down all my obstacles one I foresaw was my kids (11 & 18) would come home with or want “good tasting food” lol

I didn’t think it would happen so fast.

Today I ordered pizza, because there was a friend over and that’s what they wanted. I ordered 1 pizza because both my husband I had planned to have other food. I managed the urge to get more. Then I managed the urge to take just a bite. Then the pizza was gone because they ate it all.

Now my thoughts are —
It’s a good thing its gone, because I would be eating it if it weren’t.
The only reason you aren’t eating it is because it’s all gone.

My brain doesn’t trust me.