Mind Blowing and I’ve Got This

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I’ve been in the program for 6 months and have dabbled with the podcasts for years. I’ve struggled these past few months. However, I’m here now. I’m in for the 8lbs loss. I’ve been following my protocol for the past 4 days, already dropped a few pounds, and have not had a drink for a week which is huge. Even bigger was I was writing out my plan for tomorrow and had the thought, “perhaps I should allow a drink,“ and then my second thought was “why? I don’t feel like it’s necessary.”

A big part of this has been practicing sitting with my emotions and leaning into them instead of resisting, which I finally acknowledged is what I do. And then I listened to your emotions coaching session just now and it was so eye-opening. Watching you actually sit with your feelings and how descriptive you were and how you moved through the different stages was so helpful. I appreciate your vulnerability and openness with us.

I still have my doubts and worries and anxiety, but I’ve got this.