No losing weight

I have joined the scholars just before the June challenge.
The circumstance is that I have not lost any weight (my weight is mostly the same, maybe 0.5kg less than on the 1st of June) I weigh 66 kg. As the protocol was new to me, I’ve hoped that the results would be noticeable and fast :), especially as I was eating and snacking all the time prior to this. Now, my protocol is no sugar and no flavor (I had a sweet only twice at two different occasions) and I started fasting from 6 PM till 9 AM.
I still eat 3times a day, and the portions are getting smaller as urges are less. The one thing that I do consume is coffee with stevia in the morning and throughout the day.
My question is if I should continue like this, hoping that the weight is going to drop (like in your case) or I need to start adjusting the protocol? And in what direction would I adjust this the best.
My breakfast is always the same, oatmeal with almond milk; my lunch and dinner are fresh salad, plant protein (I am vegetarian), and veggies.
Looking forward to hearing from you.