Not moving from your plateau

I am stoked for this month because I have been doing the overeating program since March of this year and have lost ten pounds! I am ten pounds away from my goal weight at this point and my weight won’t budge. I have switched around my protocol quite a few times and finally feel like the one I have is working perfectly for me- I eat my no sugar, no flour meal that I wrote down ahead of time at 12 noon, dinner at 5-6 pm- same as lunch. I drink loads of water and I make time to do my emotional work to handle my urges a bit better. I do plan a joy eat on Sundays after lunch which has helped me with not binging on the weekends. I am feeling fearful that I have worked so hard and made so many changes that I won’t be able to lose that last ten pounds even if I stick to it. Do I just need to keep going or do I need to make a change? I honestly have no plans to change my protocol like ever because it has done wonders to my life emotionally and physically but it is really frustrating not budging in weight for so many weeks. Thank you, You have changed my life!!