Past, Present, and Future Self

I started to examine my relationship with my past, present, and future self.

I would like to clean up how I see these parts of myself sometimes.

Past Self:
Stupid, Incompetent, Foolish

Present Self:
Selfish (not honoring the past or serving the future), Whiny, Unappreciative

Future Self:
Condescending, Impatient, Haughty

There seems to be a war between these three.

I can see a path to a loving relationship with my past and future self.

But I have swung to berating my present self for being selfish (not honoring my past self and not serving my future self).

My present self feels neglected and wronged, even with the Urge Jar.

Is it best to just accept that my present self will feel wronged and neglected 50% of the time?

How do you think about your present self?