Picking Before Dinner


I’ve been doing intermittent fasting with no snacks, so I eat lunch around 12pm and dinner around 7pm. However, when I’m making dinner at 6:30pm I am SO hungry that I pick on the food while I’m preparing it (picking has always been an issue for me before Lose 8lbs in June). I would love to be a person who does not eat while preparing food and simply waits until the meal is cooked. I’ve tried to do a model on this and need some help because something about these two models seem off:

C: Haven’t eaten since lunch around 12pm
T: I’m starving
F: Hungry (is this a feeling?)
A: I eat while preparing dinner
R: Mad at myself for picking, not fully hungry for dinner

Which I tried to change to…

C: Haven’t eaten since lunch around 12pm
T: I’m going to add a snack to my protocol so I’m not starving while preparing dinner.
F: In control
A: I eat one snack around 4pm
R: I don’t pick while preparing dinner.

Can you help me with this model? And do you think a good solution would be to add a snack? Or is the feeling of “starving” simply something I need to work through.
Thank you!