Ping pong between weight loss goals and career goals

Hi- I started in scholars a year ago and I started with weight loss- 3 meals a day, no snacks, writing out food the day before, allowing urges, no flour, no sugar, just the occasional glass of wine. After 3 months and having lost 8 kg, I started slipping and have toed and froed and now I’ve regained 7 kg. I had come to the understanding that if I allowed myself to feel a little ’empty’ after a meal, I would for sure lose weight the next day—- I can now see, that that is what I need to practice and what I would I need to get comfortable with to lose my excess weight and also to keep it off.
But I have also noticed that what I am really longing to do is focus on my career goals. So, I do weight loss for a bit and then I think, ‘right, I’ve got this now, let me do my career impossible goal’, but whilst I’m doing that, I put on weight. Then I think, I can’t keep on putting on weight like this, it’s detrimental to my health and even makes working harder, so return my focus to the weight loss, but then worry that my career goals won’t get much attention.
I am not sure how to solve for this. I can see that the underlying practice is honouring my decisions to do something (something to eat, something to create at work), but it seems I can only focus on one or the other (which is only a thought….).