Protocol too strict?

My protocol looks like this: non starchy veggies, animal protein & healthy fat – for lunch and for dinner. No refined carbs (no chips, sugar, etc), no dairy, no gluten, no soy. This protocol works for me to lose weight and I can follow it for months (up to 3 months even!) I add in a joy eat 1x per week (like a gluten free bread or chips or something I crave). The problem is that after a few months of doing this very restricted protocol, I gradually start giving myself myself cheat meals, then days… which turn into cheat weeks… and cheat months – and I gain all the weight back again. I am wondering if my protocol is too strict? But I worry if I don’t keep it this strict that it will take forever to lose this weight. So my question is – is my protocol too strict? What would you suggest I do so that I don’t “fall off the wagon” this time after following my protocol for months and having success but then my cravings get so strong I can’t stop eating the “off plan” foods after so long?? Thanks!!