Scale Drama


I am frustrated with my rate of weight loss. Since May 24th, I have lost 5 lbs. While I am pleased with this, I have been at my current weight since June 15 without the scale moving for two weeks. This is despite having less than 1200 calories daily and doing moderate exercise weekly, no flour or sugar for 5 weeks, and drinking lots of water. I also have not eaten many grains (brown rice twice in the past 5 weeks, that’s it), allow dairy occasionally, and very little fruit (maybe a couple times a week). I allow alcohol 2 week (1-2 glasses), but when I look at my log book, I am having only about 1200 calories daily.

My goal is to lose 10 more pounds, but I don’t think I can adjust what I am eating to less and/or increase my exercise to more from what it is now in a way that’s sustainable over the long term. I am eating two meals daily from 11-7.

What should I do to adjust my protocol toward losing 10 more lbs in a way that is still manageable over the long term, if my goal is 10 more lbs to lose? I am 5’2 , 50 years old, and 130 lbs currently.

Thank you.