Stardust shakes

I have found my version of a ‘stardust bar’ although it’s not a bar it’s a shake. I know generally you don’t recommend shakes and protein powder but I have a lot of digestive issues and my Dr got me using an Elemental diet shake (which is Dr formulated and nutritionally balanced) to use 1-2 times a day in place of meals to elevate stress on my gut. They keep me full for 4-5hrs and give me zero symptoms. It’s like a dream come true and I don’t have to plan or cook or think about food. Then I have my normal dinner meal with my family. Am I bypassing the ‘work’?? It seems too easy… or is that a good thing? I guess I can see myself using this on and off for the foreseeable future as my gut disorder cannot be healed. I listened to the video on desire this morning and you asked someone if they could just have stardust bars when they were eating alone would they do it – my answer is absolutely yes and save real food for social/family situations. I guess I want to maximize this month when we have access to the live plan but also it seems to be working so why would I change it?