Still struggling with my sugar habit, despite using the CTFAR formula every day to try to end it.


We just moved (on June 1) and as a special treat, I bought a cake. We ate some of the cake, then I froze the other half of the cake. Yesterday, there were three slices of cake left.

I had told myself – NO cake today! I told myself I could have cake tomorrow (Saturday), so if an urge came, just to tell myself I could have it tomorrow. But then, I caved and had a piece (from the freezer) after lunch. (Lunch was very healthy, a salad and piece of salmon.) Then we spent all afternoon unpacking, and later in the afternoon, around 5:30 p.m., after I had been “allowing the urge” and not eating cake all afternoon, I finally caved and pulled the second piece from the freezer. I ate it and then I decided to just eat the third and final slice too, so that there would then be no more cake in the house and thus no temptation.

The thing is, I do this often. Scarf something up (like a pint of ice cream) so that there will be “no more temptation in the house”. But then I go grocery shopping and bring more ice cream into the house. This time, I’m serious. I’m not bringing sweets into the house. My goal is to reduce eating sweets from daily to twice a week. I weigh 126 lbs so, I’m not overweight by any means, but my belly is bigger than I’d like it to be, and I’m also disgusted by my sugar habit. It’s probably my worst habit and one I want to break, but I’ve been finding it very, very difficult to do so. I do the CTFAR formula on this every day and I still haven’t managed to stop eating sugar…

Maybe not buying sweets and bringing them into the house will work. I don’t want to eliminate eating sweets completely from my life, I just want to be comfortable having them twice a week. That is a lifestyle I feel I would be happy with.