Stopping at a +4 if I haven’t eaten all that I planned

I am planning my food the day prior, and I am now for the first time learning to honor those decisions and not eat unplanned food. I am wondering about when I eat most of my planned food but then find I’m full before I eat the rest. I usually eat it anyway because I really want it emotionally even though I’m physically satisfied (it’s usually the sweet part of the meal – either 2 squares of 88% dark chocolate, or a piece of fruit – and I really want the sweet!). I feel entitled to eat it since it’s on my protocol and I planned it, even though I’m technically satisfied already. I have only actually honored my plan a handful of times in a year of “trying,” so I’m wondering whether it’s better to let myself eat those foods that I planned while I build this decisions-ahead-of-time skill, or better to honor my hunger scale and stop short of eating all my planned food. Thanks!