Struggling to eliminate flour as a vegetarian that doesn’t eat dairy.

Hi. I’m struggling with letting go of “healthy” flour options (like healthy whole wheat grain bread for sandwiches) as a runner/triathlete and vegetarian who is mostly vegan…even though I’ve been gaining weight over the last six months and it’s not all due to muscle. I’m 46 so my body is changing and I must be overeating as well during shelter in place.

The thought I can’t let go of is “It’s too hard to eliminate flour as a vegetarian that doesn’t eat dairy.”

When I think this thought I feel defeated and I don’t even try, or I try for a while and then I cheat. As a result, I don’t cut out the wheat and I’m less likely to lose the 5 lbs (my goal for June – BTW, I didn’t set the 8 lb goal because I didn’t think I’d commit to the no flour part of the protocol). I know I can do this because I’ve cut flour before but it was hard and it took extraordinary commitment, but I guess I don’t have 100% buy in this time – yet. So yes, I also have the thought “I don’t want to” that I need to self-coach myself on as well.

Other than coaching myself on these thoughts, which I know is possible… How important is cutting out flour if I choose healthy grains? Thanks.