Tearfulness – is it a feeling? If you let yourself cry are you feeling your feeling? Here’s a specific scenario:

This week I have cut sugar and flour and created a protocol where I’m having two meals a day. This feels doable to me and I am excited about feeling healthier.

Last Tuesday (second day of no sugar and flour) I was feeling very hungry when it was time for dinner. I had my dinner planned ahead and the food I planned was ready to eat. I had just finished a day at work where I worked starting at 7AM and finished at 6:00PM. I had a few 5 minute breaks here and there and a 20 minute break at noon when I ate a large salad with 3 oz seared tuna, 2TBS ranch dressing, and 8 roasted salted cashews. At dinner time (6PM), when it was my planned time to eat: I was feeling tired from working. I was thinking thoughts about work that left me feeling frustrated (I have too much to do). I was hungry. I was okay with feeling all of that, and while I was preparing my plate I became tearful in a way that felt out of control. I often overwork and typically it doesn’t cause the same response for me, so I really believe the tears were a physical reaction to feeling of hungry, frustrated, and sugar withdrawal.

According to my protocal it was time to eat.
I ate what was on my plan for the day. A baked potato, a bunch of steamed broccoli, 1/3 cup cheddar cheese sauce. 1 mandarin orange
I let the tears flow during dinner and didn’t beat myself up about them. My kids thought I was nuts.
I ate my dinner without much thought about the food. I did think it tasted good.
After I ate I went on a walk with my family and I felt so much better.

While on the walk, I said to my family “what you just witnessed is what happens when you are on withdrawal from sugar and flour, you work an 11 hour day, and you feel very hungry. I feel much better now!”

I got home and had a glass of water with a lemon slice. I stayed on protocol for the rest of the evening and had no more urge to cry for any reason.
We had a lovely evening after that.

So I guess my question is: Can tearfulness come because of sugar withdrawal as I think it did? What questions can I ask myself when I become tearful? This time I just let myself go ahead and cry and then ate my dinner; which is what I truly thought I needed at the time and is what I had planned for.

I’m not quite sure what to do with tears when it comes to feeling our feelings.