Thought: This is a rare and exceptional opportunity

I lost 50 lbs following your formula and kept the weight off for a year, then a few months ago I regained exactly 8 lbs, so I’m all in for this month’s work and will lose the 8 lbs in June for sure.

I was working on one of the SO worksheets and found that one of my “bad” thoughts, is (in different way / words) “This is a rare and exceptional opportunity”.

I am from Mexico and whenever I get access to something traditional and authentic, I feel I HAVE to take advantage of that opportunity.
Even when I lost the 50 lbs I did not miss my “opportunities” I planned them ahead and ate on protocol the rest of the time. I know that could work again but I’m thinking this is a good opportunity to change that belief and be able to forego and not react to the exceptional “opportunities”.

I’m so stuck on relating some kind of food to happiness that I’m having a hard time coming up with an alternative thought to help me move on. Please help.