Timing of eating window

Hi Brooke! I’ve watched the stop overeating classes and am moving through the advanced overeating classes. You consistently reference eating windows that start at lunch or in the afternoon. Do you have clients that are successful with morning windows? I’ve chosen 8-2 pm to start, and I was doing well for a few weeks. I partly chose morning because I tend to get gassy in the afternoons and thought this would help.
This week I keep choosing to eat at night as I think it will be so long to get through the night without eating and I have time by myself without kids or husband present and it feels like my last chance to eat what I want.
Now I am thinking maybe it would be easier to switch to afternoons to help with the evening urges. But I should probably stay on my current protocol without slip ups for two weeks before making such a big change, right?
And does timing for the window affect gas? Because gas affects everything!