Hi Brooke,
I have a 4 day event coming up, where I will be vacationing with my SIL’s and MIL. My thoughts are that they already think I am weird and this eating plan will confirm that. I want to just bring my own food and/or reach out to see what on the menu I want to eat. Every SIL is taking a different meal to plan. But I REALLY am dreading doing that b/c of all the drama my brain kicks up about them already thinking I am weird. I know it’s a perfect opportunity for me to have my own back and do it all anyway. I even thought, “I could probably lose 4 pounds and just take those four days off” but I really think it’s a fabulous opportunity for me to not be trying to change what they think about me. I am a certified coach through LCS so I am a little onto myself. And also, a little stuck, ha! These women never say, “you’re weird.” I know it’s not family protocol to do what I do with food. I rarely ever eat dessert, I don’t eat meat, I am kinda obsessed with green juice. It FOR SURE comes up in other areas of my relationship with them that I am the odd-woman out. I’m always the weirdo. And in many ways, I’m ok with that. But obviously, not entirely or I wouldn’t be writing to you. Help! And Thank You! xo