Unexpected Thoughts While Naked

5’1″ 154- overall weightless goal of 35 lbs

While I stood in front of the mirror naked, I really expected my mind to go to all the ewwws, uglies and aughhhs of now. But I didn’t I started out very neutral. This is my body. Then I found my thoughts wandering into “when I lose the weight my boobs are going to be flat and ugly. When I lose weight my stomach is going to be gross and show all the stretch marks.” As I’m writing this I see my brain did do what I expected, just not the way I expected it. This was the first time the idea of losing weight became not so lovely and glamorous. The first time of perhaps seeing it with real eyes. Flat saggy boobs? I don’t want that. Loose stretchy wrinkly stomach? Nope don’t want that. The extra weight and fat? I don’t want that either.