Urges and Morning food

Hi Brooke,
So I’ve had many urges so far but haven’t given into any dessert ones yet, sugar is one of my weak points. I’m down 4 lbs . I was searching the internet for no flour ,no sugar meals and I swear the first thing that pops up is no flour, no sugar desserts. No flour, no sugar desserts are probably out of the question then since in my mind I may use that as a crutch and replacement for sugar foods I indulged in when I had an urge. I had some crazy urges and wasn’t sure what ‘allow an urge’ means. Is it the same as allowing a feeling ? Do I observe the thoughts in my mind, write them down, and run them through a model when I have an urge ? Do I focus on what an urge feels like in the body, and just observe the thoughts and then focus my attention back to the sensations in my body?

I also have been pondering around why the 20 hour window? Is it insulin related? I sometimes will jog in the morning and before this month would eat something light like fruit or a protein shake. So will having the small snack prior to a run throw off the weight loss as I’m not abiding by that 20 hour window? What if I planned for the morning snack the day before?