Weight loss and self-worth

I have been trying to reconcile something that was suggested to me recently about my weight. I have had a belief that the reason why I lost weight and then regained it back was because I don’t have a good relationship with myself, don’t keep commitments to myself, and that I don’t have a good concept of self-worth. I have believed that if I want lasting change, the missing link is my relationship with myself. This person said that self-worth is overated and that it is used as an excuse to keep habits that we want to keep. In other words, regaining my weight is simply about wanting to keep eating foods that I overdesire and using the concept that I don’t have self worth is a convenient and indulgent excuse. As long as I keep claiming that I don’t love myself, the longer I keep getting to eat foods that don’t serve me. Is it possible that weight loss is literally about insulin…and that’s it? Can you lose weight and still not have a great relationship with yourself? This counters so much of what I have learned with this work, but has also made me question whether I have been making this more complicated than it needs to be.