Weight loss harder after menopause.

Hi ya Brooke-

I’ll be 58 this summer and have been past menopause about 3 years. My eating habits haven’t changed much but my body shape and weight sure have. I’m not looking to be 128 lbs again like I was with much dieting in my 20’s. I’d be happy with and look pretty good at 136. I’m 5’5” and am 143.6 right now. I’ve been as high as 149. I keep yo-young around 141-145. And for the last 3 years getting below 140 has felt like splitting the atom.

I’m still gluten free. Still pretty much off dairy except of the occasional treat of a splash (2 tbls) half and half. Or once every blue moon a serving of 2% Greek yogurt which I figure is better than a soft serve.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for about a year now ….usually a 14 hr – 15 hr depending on my work schedule. I get headaches at 16. I’m pretty used to eating restrictively and food-self denial (meaning if I ate what I reeeally wanted to feel and stay satiated and enjoy foods – I’d weigh an extra 25 lbs. !)

My question is this: how little can a person eat and not feel headache-y and hungry? Am I supposed to feel this way all the time??? Do you?

I feel pretty confused at this point. Feels like a losing battle and a struggle just to maintain where I am. Meanwhile ….My hubs thinks I eat too little. But I remind him that , hey, Im not exactly wasting away!

BTW: i’m aiming for trim…not skinny. I discovered this week that I LOVE the way the word “trim” feels inside …better than slim or skinny …it’s my new self identity word…

Thanks for your help girlfriend! You da bomb!
Xo Donna