What is the cause of gaining weight back after major weight loss?

I’ve lost weight multiple times – some of the biggies were in college (25 lbs), in my 20’s (30 lbs), early 30’s (35 lbs), at 40 (50 lbs), at 43 (30lbs), and at 50 (55 lbs). Can you see the pattern here? 🙂

As I’m starting this process with SCS, I’m 30 lbs up from my most recent weight loss. I REALLY want to get at the cause of why I keep regaining. I’m capable of losing weight, but what I really need to learn is to maintain weight loss (after I knock down the weight I’ve regained.).

I’m new to Scholars, and I get that this is buffering. The good news is that I quit drinking for good 8 years ago. But I have problems with sugar and emotional eating in general. Where can I focus my attention so that I can really get at WHY this is happening for me and work on the CAUSE and not just the symptoms (weight gain, being overweight)?