❤️. Love

Went thru a hardship a couple years ago… (thought) 🙃
Many people said mean things that weren’t true. I felt sad and ashamed.
Over the years, I would go to church and feel like I shouldn’t be there.
I would feel so uncomfortable I would just get up and leave.
One Sunday (After finding scholars). I came to church and felt those familiar yucky feelings, felt hot and uncomfortable and just wanted to run out and leave again…. but instead I became the watcher., and I let myself feel hot and sweaty and like I wanted to jump out of my skin… I found my thoughts… they were ugly…
You shouldn’t be here, You are not a good person, no one here likes you, you’re are a pile of crap and so on… I Couldn’t believe I was thinking these things.
To which I told myself… I am a good person, No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and it’s ok. A lot of people like me,
I have a lot to offer, and so on…
The most amazing feeling of peace and love came over me!!! I was able to sit in church that Sunday and feel complete love for myself and for everyone there.
I still have sneaky little thoughts sometimes but I am able to tell myself the real story!
Thank you! Thank you!!!❤️