1 year Scholars anniversary

Hi! I’m celebrating my one year Scholars anniversary next week! I’m pretty amazed with the impact the program has had on my life and what I have manifested by managing my thoughts using the model! I reached my goal of 200k income a year by landing a perfect for me job and just finished the first 90 days of a deep and meaningful relationship that is entering a new phase of growth and depth. Hurray!

I would like to be better about sticking with a topic in Scholars. I did the impossible goal, which was a workout that made me feel great and my body looked amazing then I started my 90 Day relationship and took my eye off the workout ball. I’m finding it difficult to integrate a focus/monthly topic and then move on to something else. It seems like bouncing around from topic to topic has been fun, but I’m looking for more of a building on what came before rather than switching gears around. So does it mean that I can only focus each month on let’s say working out every day for years and none of the other Scholars work should cloud that? I’m struggling with this and wondering if it might be possible to offer tracks with more timeline and cohort as I do see a lot of other Scholars also mention this struggle. I am also struggling because I very much want a community to talk Self-Coaching Scholars with, a smaller group of Scholars… the cohort I mentioned above.

I would like to keep my job, my friends, my daughter, my relationship and my self-coaching. How can I utilize Self-Coaching Scholars to integrate these focus topics with continued community feedback and support? I noticed some things on the website have been changing. Is it possible to have small cohorts that can talk to each other? Thanks!!!