-10.9 pounds in July!

HI! My total weight loss for July is 10.9 pounds! That’s 31 days of following my no sugar/no flour/no alcohol AND intermittent fasting protocol. That’s 31 days of feeling all the emotions. 31 days of saying “No, thank you.” and “I just prefer not to.” 31 days of saying “YES!” to my highest self. There have definitely been moments of doubt, of which I wrote to you about, and it’s amazing what moving through that and doing the hard stuff anyway will bring you. Yesterday, I booked a trip to Cancun for my birthday in March and I have been buzzing with excitement because I KNOW I will feel so beautiful and confident in my swimsuit on that beautiful beach, because I’ve learned to feel beautiful and confident in this body I have NOW. 🙂

Thank you for the sparkling inspiration that you shine onto all of us!