10 cookies model help

I am stuck trying to work through a model about overeating cookies. Not sure if I ate 10 cookies should be the C or R? This is what I have done with the model for both.
C I ate 10 cookies
T I cant ever just have 1
F powerless
A quit trying to stop the overeating, just eat as many as i want
R eat more cookies, reinforce my belief that i cant resist cookis.
C Sugar exsists
T something sweet will make today better
F desire
A i baked cookies
R i ate 10 cookies
This second model is difficult because the circumstance really does not matter, in any circumstance (good or bad even great) I have thoughts about wanting sugar and feel desire to eat it.
It seems that no matter what i change the thought to i still desire sugat! If my thoughts create my feelings then why cant i have a thought that would stop the desire? Even when i think thoughts like sugar makes me gain weight, sugar gives me headaches and makes me tired, i still desire sugar. I have not figured out how to have the desire/urge without answering it! Where do i go from here?