10 minute tutoring & forgiveness

You mentioned tutoring? Where do i schedule this on website? What should i have prepared prior to it.

Also, in the Q&A, there were many judgment thoughts? Ive done other models that use forgivness (self and others) as a tool to move someone from a place of beging stuck in shame, blame, & resentment into a place of acceptance. Sometimes its the only thing that has worked for me… I forgive myself and others, allow them the freedom to make decisions I dont agree with… Even if Im disappointed, I can bless/love them. Would you say the fact that i am disappointed be a choice/thought based on how I am precieving the situation…Or is that a feeling that just β€œis”?

Would forgiveness be a part of this model or is forgiveness (which is a choice) be a belief/thought you would avoid because there is a perception of rightness.

Bottom line: im struggling with how or if forgiveness fits.