100 days for me (food planning protocol, 1/100)

I am committing here to 100 days of planning my food for the day before I eat it and will come here with questions/issues/models related to this goal. I will also be doing intermittent fasting, so basically the protocol is to:
– practice IF minimum 18 h fasts water/black coffee fasts (I want to keep between 6 and 4 hours, probably usually between 18:00 and 22:00 ish every day). I’ll track it all with my fasting tracker app.
– plan food before my eating window starts by posting on my private instagram. Then at the end of the window post what I actually ate so that I know if I have kept to the plan or not.
– weigh myself daily.

If I have lunch plans that I DO want to eat for, and have decided in advance that I will eat at (for example I know on Saturday the 12th I have a lunch at 13:00) then I will fast for 20+ hours before and start fasting again by 10PM, and plan my food/drinks beforehand in the same way for the occasional longer eating period. Unless I have explicitly decided before hand, the standard eating time will be roughly 18:00 – 22:00.

The reason I am doing this is to learn to process feelings and feel respect for food, and intentional about my eating – and because I want to lose weight and have dreamed since I was a teenager of weighing 68kgs. I want to feel like I am making intentional decisions about my food and not desperately eating to control/manage feelings. At the moment I often feel like I am emotionally eating, so any stresses /emotions I have that happens in the eating window ends up with me emotionally eating, without enjoyment.

So I want to learn about myself and grow in discipline and I also want to lose weight over the 100 days. Specifically I want to lose 3.8 kgs or 8.3lbs. (and then I will just be 1 kg away from my goal weight).
I weigh 72.8kgs now ( I am 178 cm/5’10), and I would like to weigh 69.0 kgs on day 100.

I am calling it “100 days for me” because I am doing this for me, out of love for myself and respect for the things I want. I so often have stopped eating in the way I want to eat out of people pleasing or concern over what other people think: someone else wanted me to eat, had planned for me to eat, it is “normal” to have brunch/a picnic/lunch. But the reality is I feel my best when I eat in the time-limited way and it gets me the results I never thought were possible.