100 Urges worksheet

I just watched your live OD call this morning….with a hangover. I realized when I stopped binging years ago on food I replaced it with OD. I feel like I have really conquered the OE and am now ready to stop OD. I am wondering why I am more resistant to quitting booze than I was to quitting sugar and flour. I was drawn to your program because it was titled Stop Overdrinking…Not, Quitting Drinking. I still don’t want to quit. Did wanting to quit come for you in stages or was that always your goal? I completely understand why you wanted to quit, given your business. But I am retired and have no big business goals. I want to stop overdrinking, not quit. I want to drink “socially” I want to “enjoy wine with dinner when I am out with my husband”. Am I fooling myself? I know its like “wanting a little hereon” Where in assets is the 100 Urges worksheet? I know I could do it on regular paper but want your sheet. Thanks.