Hi. I am working on a model and understanding of this. I know there is a thought behind this and I want to find it. I have week or days where I fully show up to my work. I do my job, work on my new project that involves learning new things and I write. Some days I am 100%. But than most days I am not. I know I could have finished this new project and I could do better job on my job but I don’t. Here is my model:

C – don’t put in 100% every day. Or not present with my work everyday.
T – distraction
F – not motivated. Avoiding. Buffering.
A – just do my minimum
R – not advancing. Not finishing what I want to finish. Not being the person I am or I really want to be.

Why do I do this? How do I figure out this tought? I want to show up more. I want to expect great things and than do them. I know I can do them. I am capable. But why dont I?