100k- 25 fails

Hey Brooke ,

My goal is to make 100k by the end of next year.

Here are my 25 fails

– Create a webinar
– Make a Facebook group
– Do my monthly work every single day
– Start a blog
– Promote my freebie via Facebook Ad
– Promote my freebie in Facebook groups
– Promote my freebie on instagram
– Get 5 people to beta test my program
– Make offers to my entire list to sign up for a mini call
-Plan for weekly time off
-Get 15 people to sign up for my February enrollment to my program
– Find 3 places where I can work distraction free
– Prep my food ahead of time weekly so that I’m not playing catch up
– Get 1 hour of movement daily
– Get 6-8 hours of sleep daily
– Go Live on instagram/ Facebook
– Avoid shiny objects
– Network with potential influencers/ brands that could boost my visibility
– Post on Instagram everyday (show up daily and not hide)
– Throw out all paper clutter with ideas and notes, put it on an organizer on my computer and stay digital
– Stick to my schedule daily
– Do the thought work anytime I’m feeling discomfort or notice I want to hide
– Look at Intentional thoughts I want to believe throughout the day
– Watch every coaching call
– Do the podcast work weekly
– Complete the money mindset course
– Rewatch the entrepreneur videos

How’s that?

Am I missing anything or doing anything incorrectly?

Thanks Brooke