10k in Credit Card Debt.

I currently have the money to pay off this debt. BUT there is uncertainty in my job at the moment and talk of a lay-off on 1/31/22. I don’t want this debt. But I also want to be “responsible.” And on the other side of the coin, I want to trust that I can create more money even if I pay off the debt in full today. (Even though I have no idea how at the moment).

C-10k in debt.
T- want to pay this off ASAP.
A- over analyzing and second guessing everything.
R- don’t make a decision. Ruminate on different options and worse case scenarios.

I would love for my model to be something like:
C- 10k in debt.
T- no biggie. I’ll pay it and make more.
F- amazing. (If it were true lol).
A- pay it off and take action on creating more.
R- make more.
(But I don’t believe this to be available to me yet! grrrrrr)