125 or 120?

So I started at 200lbs. My goal weight all along was 125.

Right now, I’m 130.

I have a hunch that when I get to 125, that I will want to go another 5 lbs, based on how my body looks right now, and gauging what 5 and 10 pounds coming off me was like throughout the past 70 down.

-I shouldn’t change my goal.
-I should just get to 125 and THEN decide to take it another 5, I shouldn’t switch my goal now.
-It’s bad to change your goal last minute.
-If I change my goal to 120 now, when I hit 125, I may decide that it’s enough and then “give up” on the 120 and call it good.
– (Why do I want to change it to 120 instead of keeping the 125 goal, hitting it, then deciding to take it another 5?) I will probably want to take it another 5 anyway, might as well set it now and in my head, keep working on thought work and strategies from the place of “I have 10 pounds to hit my goal,” vs. “I have 5 goals to hit my goal, just a little bit more.”

My reasons to change the goal to 120 instead of keep the 125 are this:
-It will be easier to plan and strategize if I know I have “The Last 10”.
-I will probably change it to 120 anyway, might as well do it now.
-I know my body.

It is not “bad” or “good” to have the goal, change it now, or get to the 125 goal, then decide to change it. Either way, I have a goal, and I’m going to hit it. Just having some drama here, and judging myself for it. I also don’t think I have very strong reasons to change it to 120 instead of 125, other than I just want to. Maybe that’s enough.