13 year old son’s screen time

I need your advice about my 13 year old son’s screen time. I feel very stuck with this. Like with many families, during the pandemic son’s screen time increased. He doesn’t have siblings so that’s even more the case. Now he’s back at school and in a harder year, where more studying needs to be happening. Yet he thinks it’s completely his right at this point to get back from school, do his homework quickly and be on phone until dinner. On the weekends it’s out of control use.

It’s impacting on other things like his reading (he used to be a big reader) and just the ability to be without screens and think of other things to do.

Whenever husband raises this with me, he gets so worried about it that I kind of withdraw from the conversation so we remain stuck.

Here’s my unintentional model on this. I want to take this issue step by step and work towards solutions that are both respectful of my son’s need for independence & control of his time/life, but also address the issue. I may bring this back to Ask a Coach and also to my weekly 20 min slot. Here’s my model:

C: 13 year old son’s screen time
T: His screen time is out of the control after the pandemic, not balanced, doesn’t do other things. Though he will hate us if we implement screen time rules: tired of the whole thing!
F: weak, helpless
A: do nothing
When husband tries to discuss this, nothing practical comes up on my part
worry about son’s reaction (anger)
worry we will just do something & end up not following it
R: things remain the same